Learning disabilities affect children’s psychology

People have learning disabilities since they started to learn and be educated. During the years, the society focus on education and learning disabilities are coming more and more to the surface. Learning disabilities affect children’s psychology, even if they become adults, as they last as long as person’s life.

Every child has a different combination and seriousness of problems and shortages in basic learning processes. Family and teachers have an important role, as they can help the children with learning disabilities to deal with them with the least psychological impact.


How do learning disabilities affect children’s psychology?


On a daily basis, children face situations of shame, anxiety, disappointment, social isolation, melancholy and lack of self-confidence. Those situations have serious effects for children of a younger age and they have a negative impact in their self-confidence. Internal satisfaction is missing for those children, as they are not often praised because of their low performance. Children with hyperactivity are receiving even worst reviews for their performance and behavior. Students with learning disabilities appear school phobia or even depression, due to the bullying that they are accepting.



The right information of family and teachers is the key for the proper treatment of children with learning disabilities.

Family and teachers

The acceptance and the respect of child’s family and teachers can enhance its self-confidence. Not only parents but also the teachers have to encourage the child to achieve even more and help its internal peace. Every child has to comprehend that mistakes and failures are learning opportunities and they will lead it to success. Parents and teachers have the responsibility to help them in every way and fight children’s disappointment. They need the appropriate information and , in order to be able to help children with learning disabilities.


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