The Toolkit is also aimed at the national frameworks for Special Education Needs existing in 4 European countries – Romania, Greece, Ireland, Italy – so as to allow the different key actors and stakeholders of the educational chain to better plan and develop actions in favour of SEN students.

According to this perspective, the toolkit can be used also as a model at transnational level to support and boost teaching competences with reference to SEN; moreover, it is also meant to be a useful tool to better support mobility programme evaluation within Europe, specifically with reference to strategies and practices targeting SEN students.

The Toolkit takes inspiration by the graduated approach that is a four-part cycle through which actions are reviewed and refined as understanding of a student’s needs for support. In fact, teachers continually assess, plan, implement and review their approach to teaching all students and, where a potential special educational need has been identified, this cyclical process should become more tailored.

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